Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday 5-20: 6pm forecast/report

Howzit everybody. There's small waves on the south shore. Actually yesterday they were even head high on the Lahaina side, but I was busy. Today, more in the waiste high range, with some shoulder high sets. A reinforcement should arrive tonight, peak tomorrow and linger into the weekend. Don't expect nothing too big, since the equator buoy only shows a couple of feet with 14 to 16 sec, from 195 degrees. Not much happening on the north shore next week, with no waves and light wind. Good, I choosed the right week to go to Kauai... hopefully the rain won't be as bad as they forecast, dammit! Oh, well we'll surf the south shore. I want to see what not having freaking Kahoolawe right in front means... I'll be back in a week with a bunch of photos. You guys take care. Ciao. And click on a damn banner that these vacations are expensive!!

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