Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday 5-8: 6pm forecast

Howzit everybody. The south swell was quite enjoyable, but now we'll have to wait a while before surfing our beautiful south shore again. Actually, there's a quite active storm in the Tasman sea with a wide, long fetch of strong winds, but it's aimed towards the south end of south america. A way smaller fetch is oriented towards us, but it's too far away and there's a bunch of islands on the way... we may still get something around May 15/16. A much closer fetch is modeled to form on May 12th, but the model doesn't tell yet how it is going to evolve. It's in a good area for surf production for Hawaii and it could send a swell around May 18th, but we will have to take a rain check on this (a wave check would be a more appropriate saying). The north Pacific is getting quite active too (for spring time). A storm started spinning yesterday NW of the islands and will send a small NW swell around Tuesday/Wednesday that will last 2/3 days. After 2/3 more days, another swell from WNW will arrive. It will be generated by a new storm that will spin off Japan and have a nice, long fetch aimed to a place north of Hawaii, but we'll still get something. Stay tuned for size tuning and arrival times as soon as the buoys will read something significative. Trades are on a downward trend towards light strenghts, but it's spring time in Maui. If it's sunny, it's gonna blow. Coab, please.


meeshsail said...

I bet you even clicked on the surf goddess retreat. I can't see you resisting that one!

cammar said...

How about the surfer girls surf camp? Man, I got some damn cool banners on this page! They're even cooler that the page itself!!