Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wednesday 5-11: 11am report

So, there was this girl sitting on the beach. I go there and say:"I've been pondering if to go surfing or start talking to you, but I couldn't come up with a decision. So I thought about asking you! What would you recommend me to do?". You can guess what she answered by the following report...
Waves were waiste to shoulder high, some head high sets (see photo below). It was quite windy and bumpy. Surfing can be a very humbling experience! After 3 days of perfect waves at Dumps, just when you feel you got pretty damn good, here you go. A day like this and you feel like a cook again... just like with girls! Anyways, I think that windsurfing will be a hell lot of fun later on. The swell will build with the high tide (5pm) and it looks like the wind will blow despite of the weak pressure gradient (check the north pacific weather map with the link on the right). That's the result of the orientation the north shore, the Venturi (funnel) effect on the cliffs of Haleakala and the beautiful sunshine that heats up the land... and my heart. Geez, do we live in a beautiful island or what?
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