Monday, May 02, 2005

Tuesday 3 5. 6.30 am forecast

Howzit everybody. After a sweet weekend of glassy waves, the north shore is on the decline. The Waimea buoy is down to 3 feet, with a mix of three swells with directions from 285 to 320. Maybe a little leftover this morning, but that's it. Another NW medium swell will arrive Friday.
The south shore is about to go off. There's waiste high waves right now, but this evening a bigger swell will start to show up. The equator buoy is at 6 feet, 16 sec, 190 to 230 degrees. 6 feet is big enough not to be completely blocked by Kahoolawe. Wednesday and Thursday it's going to be really good. Waves will then get smaller all the way into the weekend. The first days of next week, the same storm (which is now spinning way east of New Zealand) will keep sending waves from a SE direction that could possible be blocked by the Big Island. We'll see. Trades are supposed to slowly pick up again towards Friday. Still mainly sea breeze tomorrow... but we're in Maui, you never know how strong the sea breeze can get... Click on a banner, please.

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