Wednesday, May 18, 2005

wednesday 5 18: 8am forecast

Yesterday was light wind and small waves, but still fun sailing at Hookipa. Today it should be even better, since a new NW swell is on its way. The NW bouy is alreaday at 4 feet, 14 sec and the Waimea buoy is at 1 foot, 16 sec, 300 degrees. It will pick up steadily and hopefully by late afternoon it's going to be in the head high range at Hookipa. Limiting factor is the quite westerly direction. In fact, the west Maui mountain could be blocking it, at least in Kanaha. It will turn gradually more from the north as the days go by, though. There's a cloud band over Hawaii and that will limit the strenght of the trade winds, so get your big windsurf boards ready today. Tomorrow it could even be a variable wind day, so get your surf boards ready. Enjoy.

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