Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday 5 15: 10am forecast

What can I say. I sailed Hookipa for 6 days in a row and it looks like I will keep doing that... Spring (and fall) time is when Hookipa can be shoulder to head high and Kanaha basically flat. So, there's a big difference in the fun you can have. Winter time, most of the time, Kanaha is better (for me, at least): big enough, no rocks/pros to deal with. Summer time, it's all flat and it doesn't make any difference (actually, I think that the wind swell wraps around the upper Kahana reef better the Point). Anyways, the trade winds will keep blowing and this afternoon there will be a new NW swell filling in. The NW buoy shows a promising 5 feet, 14 sec and the Waimea buoy is just starting to sense it with 1 foot, 16 sec, 310 degrees. It will build late today and it's going to be fun sailing for a couple of days. Then Wednesday another small NW will arrive (the storm is on the weather map today) and yet another one from the same direction during next weekend. Not a bad May for windsurfing on Maui's north shore.. Next weekend there will be also a moderate south swell, which could actually be just a small one for Maui, due to the usual shadowing effect of fuckin Kahoolawe. I'll be in Kauai, though, so for once I won't care!
Take care and COAB!

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