Monday, November 13, 2006

60 and ripping

PWA Maui day 4. Even less wind than yesterday... but the waves were bigger though!
I surfed in the morning on the blue board and it was great fun.
Now, does getting paid to surf make me a pro surfer?

Here, get this little interview to a man that has his priorities in life very clear... remember that 60 years old Japanese guy who advanced one heat in the Aloha Classic Grand Masters (over 45) category? Let's see what he has to say.

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He moved in Maui in '88 at 42. I moved in Maui in '01 at 38. I go to sleep and wake up early, I eat healthy food, I do a lot of exercise... Hey, I may be even healthier than him when I'm 60! Nah, that's pretty hard to beat. We'll see... I'll post a photo of myself on this blog in 2023.
In the meantime, arigato to Yoshi. I hope some people will start doing more exercise and eat healthier after having seen this great little video.

Changing completely subject, I bought a bottle of olive oil yesterday and I put it... there. Evidently, I broke the bottle in the process, but I didn't notice!
Just like you, I thought:"wait a moment, where did all the rest of the oil go? Than I noticed that there's a small crack in the bottle all the way to the bottom.
Now, under that thing there's the range. Where do you think all that oil went? Exactly, behind the range. And it's a gas range (thank god!). And that means that probably I will have to disconnect it from the gas pipe to clean up. And that means that with the board project and the PWA event till Friday, MAYBE I'll clean up this weekend. No wait, there's gonna be waves! I don't know when I'm gonna clean up, but I know for sure that soon is going to be cockroach central down here...
They're gonna be ice skating all over the kitchen floor with their stomach full and their feet lubed by my olive oil...

PS. It's the international blog appreciation day. If you like this blog, please send an email to some of your friends that you think may like it and ask them to do the same if they liked it. I'm not trying to sell anything (...yet!). Just sharing the good vibe and trying to be inspirational. My little contribution to a better world.


Anonymous said...

you guys (joshi and gp) are my heros! wish i look half as good at joshi's age.

Lim said...

Review your profile and I see Mr Yoshi-san and you have 2 of your 3 magic S's in common:
Surf (Sports)
Verdict for 3rd 'S', guess we'll have to check in 2023 to see Healthy Food or Sex rules!