Saturday, November 11, 2006

PWA Maui day 2

Not much to post today, because the wind was too light and there was no competition. We'll try again tomorrow, but the forecast is not good.

I bought the board that could become the board of my dreams. The very first water test was good. I have some work to do, though. I think it's gonna work.
No worries, it's all going to be documented on this blog.

I'm cooking pasta with calamari tonight.


Robin said...

Hope you guys will get some wind to complete the event. So tell us about the board, cammar. Maybe a pic? Greetings froma windy (and chilly) Holland.

Lim said...

i can't wait to see your new board! hurry up and show us a pic!!
= P
PS: Loving your coverage of the races .... somehow, Robbie's dog didn't turn up for the interview, huh?