Monday, November 20, 2006

PWA Maui 06 final heat

Finally I found the time to put together the clips of the final of the PWA contest.
I let you guys watch it without written comments, since I actually comment it live from the beach. I asked the head judge to replace me for the final so that I could film it for you guys.

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This is the end of this long Aloha Classic + Pwa report. There's two more things I want to mention.

1) My favorite moment of the contest happened during the Aloha Classic Open Men contest. There was a super close heat between Jesse Brown (who ended up winning the category) and Nat Gill. Both Paia boys, both very good sailors. They came up to the judges tower and sat on the guardrail waiting for the result. Jesse won (split decision: 3-2) and when the speaker announced it they shook hands, stood up and left. Not a sign of disapprovement on Nat's face. He didn't want to check the judges' sheets, like other sailors did (it is allowed to do so). He just walked away serene, absolutely no drama at all.
Good job Nat, that was very cool.

2) I think what I did is the best journalistic report of a windsurfing contest ever done. It probably isn't. But it feels like it. And that is very cool.

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