Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PWA Maui day 6

Boring quick update.
Light wind again, no contest. Good surfing in the morning and very fun longboard sailing at Lanes in the afternoon. In between, the sandwich from Mana food was a good too.
Tomorrow light trades are forecasted and they're all excited because they hope they can run the contest.
I'm a lot less excited for the following two reasons:
1) The weather map tonight doesn't look that good to me. But it's Maui, you never know...
2) I have finished my new 9.6 and some friends are going to test it together with my 12.6 and a bunch of other longboards. Why am I not excited about this? Because I'm gonna miss it!

Maybe something will happen and they will postpone the test to Saturday...

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Anonymous said...

Yuo got your wish i think they didn't test at all today due to the wind too strong. Maybe tommorow.