Thursday, July 12, 2007

speed challenge

I don't particularly like speed: it scares the hell out of me.

I do like slalom sailing, but I usually do it when the wind is really light and the water is smooth. Mostly in the last half hour of light, here in Maui.
But yesterday I finally felt like trying this speed challenge thing. Learn what it is on this website:

I ended up having a lot of fun and, despite the poor performance (last of the slalomers and well slower than a lot of people of wave gear), I will definitely go back to improve those 26 knots... IF THERE'S NO WAVES ON THE SOUTH SHORE, OF COURSE!!!

Here's a little video with some interesting interviews with some of the fastest guys (sorry Alex for the bad light). Next time, I better put my helmet cam on the head of one of them...

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If you can't see it here, try here.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff G, please get a wind screen for your mike... they're on ebay for so cheap and it'll make the audio so, so much clearer.

meesh said...

err.... where is my private "click here" button???

Lano said...

Good to get some tips from the pros, and if Anders has a beer belly, then I am the brewery!

cammar said...

I use the mike integrated in my digital camera and I doubt that there's wind screens for that.
Maybe you can look for one for me... maybe you can even buy me one, while you are at it... ;-)

done. For you eyes only... (and Ulli's...)

I was just teasing Anders who is a really nice guy with a great sense of humor. I loved that belly dance... tha's something he must have practiced at home...

Anonymous said...

Good work Giampaolo...
factoid: Eric Beale saved my ass on a big day when 'Outside Sprecks' was going off. Separated from my gear and having swallowed a bunch of water, he towed me to my board (and the rest of my life). Thanks Eric. MB

Aaron said...

Great blog! Man I envy you. Thanks for all the work that you've put into this I think its awesome. I really enjoy the great interviews that you've got here. One of the great things about windsurfing is the superstars are accessable to everyday guys. I also really liked the camera tutorial. i've got to get one of those.

Aaron from the Bay Area