Saturday, September 22, 2007

da first da kine... report

As forecasted, the first NW swell of the season arrived right on time on Friday.

It peaked in the early morning, when a few big sets that closed out all the way from Lanes to Pavillions... pretty good surfing.
In the afternoon, even though the swell was already declining, a very gusty trade wind picked up and it was good wavesailing.
Here are the five main page deservers of the day.

Let's start with uncle Robby, who was ripping... well, I guess he's ripping since he was 13! Here's a late phase of a push loop.

Jason Stone's goiter.

As suggested from the comments, this is Nat Gill.


Maybe not quite mast high, but even Robby is looking at that thing with respect...

Plenty more photos in this slide.

The swell went down a lot during the night and today (saturday morning) is barely still here... nonetheless, as soon as I'm done with this, I'll go sailing again.
See ya all!


Luca De Marinis said...

Hi Gp, good photos. Just for my curiosity what camera and lens do you use?
Take care

Anonymous said...


that dude on the simmer sail is nat gill, ripping as usual!

cammar said...

nothing fancy. It's a Sony Cybershot, one of those compact ones with 12x optical zoom.
With the digital zoom it goes up to 24x and it's still pretty good.
Most of the photos from the hill at Hoo are taken around 12-14x.
Andres' aerial was at 15x.
Robby's last one (looking at the wave) was probably 24x, because I took that one from the parking.
I use the 1MB resolution (could be 3 or 5), and that makes for around 500K photos... I don't need to print them and I have any illusion to selling them to magazines... they're fine for the web and my disk space is limited...

but of course it's him! Thanks, I updated the post.
Believe it or not, I only took photos for about 20 minutes, otherwise I would have recognized him...
I left because I wanted to go and do the speed challenge at Sprecks, but once in the car I realized that after two hours of wavesailing I was a bit tired and opted for a nap instead...

Anonymous said...

hi gp,

forgot that i logged in as anon. it was actually me, pascal :)

cammar said...

hehe, no doubt about that... thanks!

Anonymous said...

You know Gp,
If I were Eddy at Windsurf magazine, I would buy you a proper camera and lens for your birthday, with the understanding that I could print your photos in Windsurfing magazine.

Of course if I was Eddy I may do a few other things with windsurf magazine... more pictures of women windsurfing in their bikinis.

Oh wait, your good at taking those pictures too!

Step it up Eddy get Gp a proper camera setup and some disc space to go with it :-)

Luca said...

Thanks GianPaolo,
I was just wondering what lens the pros use from the hill.
Great photos anyway he's the photographer not the camera.

cammar said...

thanks for thought, but if I was Eddy I wouldn't do it...
There's plenty professional photographer that will shoot all worthy sessions at Hookipa.
The big camera in the slide show, for example, belongs to Charles Oreve... just to name one.
These guys will send the magazine a low res copy of their best shots and if worth it, the magazine will buy the shot at a price waaaaay cheaper than the price of a good camera... for me!
You know what I mean? They have the best photographer in the world constantly shooting for them and they only have to buy the very good shots.
Way better than GP's shots...
But, again, thanks for the thought! I take it as a compliment!

PS. Hey Eddy, if you really want to buy me a camera though, I'll take it!!!

I'll ask Charles next time I see him.
Thanks for the compliment again... in this case, I think it's more the subject that is good. IUt's all automatic. All I have to do is to try to keep the camera horizontal (I refuse to use a trypode... it's not compatible with my relaxed beach chair "stance"...), pick a sailor about to do something, select the zoom and shoot at the right time. With a little training everybody can do it...