Friday, September 14, 2007

International coastal cleanup day

Sept. 15: check details here.

And after your beach cleanup, if you got nothing better to do, rewards yourself by watching the live action at the ASP surf contest at Trestle. The only one of the first ten of the rankings still in is Kelly Slater... he's going to try to take advantage of that.
Did you watch it? You think it's boring all that waiting for the waves with no action?
Well, imagine a four men windy PWA heat instead... way more action! And still, PWA doesn't even have video clips of their events!
I think the sponsors should put some money down... it would be so worth it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Giampaolo, I missed you in Maui but I've been told good things about you. I saw you at Hookipa Sept. the 11th.
Well, next time I'll introduce myself. Here on the west coast surf sucks as always and the surfer's attitude is even worse.
Have fun
Luca from La Spezia

Anonymous said...

BTW I live in Huntington Beach, CA and I am a still life photographer.

cammar said...

Hi Luca,

Sept. 11 I went out at Hookipa just to go sail at Lanes with the longboard and that bright orange sail... two hours of intense fun, a four stars session.
You're a life photographer, you saw me going out, only windsurfer on the north shore that day, with tourists stopping on the cliff clogging the Hana hwy to check me out (ok, now I'm exaggerating a bit)... and you didn't take any photos of me?!?!?

The only reason that would justify such an unforgivable behavior would be that you were in the water surfing Hookipa...

Huntington beach... uff, kind of crowded, uh?

Anonymous said...

Well, I heard about the 10 surfers rule, it sucks.
I am a still life photographer, I shoot inanimate objects, they are much better than people, they don't talk back, they are patient and humble.
I just had a wide angle lens, no tele.
I'll be back in November for the Aloha with the big gun and I promise you a photo session just for you. Polish your boards.
HB is always packed and small. There is Trestles going on but I don't feel I want to go.
I just realized that here there are more posers than surfers.

Take it easy paisa'

cammar said...

Actually, I think that is a very fair rule and I will never complain against it.

Hookipa used to be for surfers only.
Then one day a few decades ago Mike Waltze thought about going out with this new invented thing called windsurfer and that was the end of the surfing at Hookipa when it's windy.
Thank god the surfers can always surf pavillions...
If you think about it, if it's windy for a 5.0-4.7, the surfers will be outnumbered by the windsurfers no matter what, also because surfing would kind of suck in so much wind.
It's when it's light for like a 5.5 that both sports could be done in the same place. If there's only a few surfers out (less than 10) they can cohexist. Surfers ALWAYS will have priority on a wave (no help from a sail to catch a wave).
So in that case, it's up to the windsurfers to respect the surfers' priority and be careful and trust me, not all windsurfers do that.
But when it's more than 10 surfers, it would be just too dangerous for the two sports to cohexist.
And the windsurfers can always lauch from Hookipa and go sail Lanes, which might be not as good, but it's not bad at all...

So I welcome that rule, also because without it there will be anarchy in the water with windsurfers and surfers fighting and yelling at each other for waves...
What were you saying about human beings?

Stop and say hi at the Aloha Classic, I'll probably by judging (at least the amateur event).


PS. Kelly Slater just won the contest at Trestle. It was the 34th world tour contest that he won.
I don't particularly like the superhyped world of pro surfing. You're right, a lot of posers and not much soul.
But I do like the way those guys surf.
And Kelly is definitely a legend.

For sure one of the few guys in the world that surfs and looks better than me... dammit!

Anonymous said...

I can list tons of guys who surf/look better than you do. should I sort 'em in alphabetical order or just random?
you cheap poser.


cammar said...

lack of sense of humor... what a widely spread disease!

Anonymous said...

I know you enough to know you really meant it


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