Friday, September 28, 2007

Yesterday's session...

..was reeeeally sweet!

A four star session for me. Went out around 1.30, got back in around 4, caught a bunch of waves, smacked a few lips, got smacked by a few lips, swam for my board, didn't go on the rocks, didn't break anything, didn't get hurt... delightful!

The light sucked for photos, but after sailing I did sit for 20 minutes and these are the late sesh pics I got.

Let's start with J39 (should be Takafumi Noguchi) for two reasons:
- it's a nice bottom turn on a logo highish one
- he's always smiling. I love sailors who smile and respect the priority rules. We are all out there to have fun, not to fight... too bad that often somebody forgets this.

Here's Tristan Boxford (late session specialist) in a well executed aerial.

Andres starts the Firemen section...

Diony continues it...

Now, check the custom graphics of Andres' board...

Today slightly smaller, but pretty much more of the same. Actually better: it's going to be sunny...

Every day I sail a little better than the day before.
And every day I understand that the gap between me and the really good ones is way bigger than I thought.
Should I be frustrated about that?... You kidding me! I'm stoked about it!!
It means I have way more things to learn and steps of progress in front of me!

I'm loving it...


Anonymous said...

G This was a good post. I too appreciate the gap between me and the best talent out there, but love sailing here with them. Inspiration for sure; and we're part of it all too. MB

Farm39 said...

Hi GP.

this is how I do:



preceduto da "a" contenuto tra il simbolo minore e maggiore e con alla fine "/a" contenuto tra il simbolo minore e maggiore.


Take care

Anonymous said...

I think he means

<a href="">Do me!</a>

Farm39 said...

Yes exactly what I meant.
Thank you.
I didn't know how to translate it so I wrote it using the language we have in common.
Sorry about that.

cammar said...

Cool! Thank you guys... I know nothing about html and I'm not particularly interested in learning...
Let's see if this works..

BTW, I asked Charles... that lens you saw in the slide is a 600mm...
You can ask Charles any photography questions... you find his email on his website

Another really nice pro photographer is Jono Knight

Anonymous said...

Try this instead

<a href=""></a>

Farm39 said...

Thank you GP,
it's the same set up I use for surf from the beach. Sometimes I add a 1.4x to the 600.
Going back to the motherland in december for a while. It might be 6 months or more.
I am going to miss US for sure.
Take it easy