Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great waves!

Hookipa has been overhead high for the last three days.
My best session was yesterday at Lanes, sailing with the longboard.
But I don't have any photos, so I post this one instead.

It's the reef of One Eye in Mauritius. The editor of Windnews, the italian magazine I work for, went there this summer and sent me this. There will be a full report on the October issue. For the italians: accattatavill'!

In the meantime, Kauli Seadi won the fourth PWA wave contest of the year at his home spot: Ibiraquera, Brasil. Nik Baker second, Levi Siver third and Victor Fernandez fourth. Read the daily reports on the pwa site.
In the rankings, Kauli is leading Victor by only a few points (33) and with three more events to go (Sylt, Ireland and Maui), it looks like it's going to be an interesting "battle".

Can't believe there's no webcast of these events yet... I just can't get over it!


Anonymous said...

apparently the PWA didn't film the event either or at least didn't post any video during the event. Pretty weird...

Lano said...

Mauritius! One of our local crew has just come back from there, hoping to catch up with him soon. Sounds like a great spot.

cammar said...

that's even more shocking.

I'd like to check it out too... There's a few different reefs. One eye is super shallow very sharp for experts only... can you tell?
Where the hell is the channel?!?!
Also far from shore with a super strong current. If you break, it's not fun...

vittorio said...

che significa accattatavill'!?