Monday, September 24, 2007

Flat (kind of)

Most of this week is going to be flat on both shores, with the next NW swell (smaller than the Friday one) due on Thursday.

Actually there's still a little windswell and today I had a lot of fun sailing at Hookipa.
Here, this is what we call flat in Maui... Skyler Haywood making the most of it.

Tough life for the lifeguard flag at Hookipa...

Here's Skyler again... still flat.

What else we got?
PWA Sylt is currently happening. Only a few heats of wave and freestyle have been run so far. Here the latest news. Don't even bother checking the day 1 video... it's a joke... in german!!!

ASP France is currently happening too. Here the latest news. Do check those videos instead...

Talking about videos, I finally found the time to download a couple of videos from Pretty cool website with a lot of stuff to check out!

Last, but not least...
Remember the post 10 Little things I do to try to respect the environment?
Well, just like with windsurfing students, sometimes talking doesn't work as effectively as showing.

In the above photo you can see:
- my reusable grocery bag. I keep it always in the car and have it with me when I go grocery shopping. I get out of the shop without having introduced unnecessary plastic bags in the environment and that makes me feel great. When I'm at the cashier, I try to convince her/him not to give too many plastic bags away. At the same time the people next in line are hopefully listening too and becoming aware (a few times they actually thanked me).
- a few glass and stainless steel bottles. I'm done with refilling plastic bottles... they bleach and you end up drinking toxic chemicals. Now I refill these bottles and life is even better!
- some rechargeable batteries
- under the sink you can see the reverse osmosis water filtering system. I save money and don't buy ANY plastic bottle. I think the last water plastic bottle I bought was about 5 years ago. I swear!!
- on the left of the sink (and this wasn't even staged...) you can see a ziplock plastic bag drying out together with some dishes. Ziplocks CAN and SHOULD be washed and reused... goddammit, you lazy people!!!!
Just imagine to be the turtle that will be killed by that one you just threw away...



Nice said...

GP, what you call flat I would call a killer sesh here in Sweden. Sad but true...

Anonymous said...

i vote gp for president! bout starting as mayor of maui first?


cammar said...

I know... the title was a bit provocative... but it's all relative. I'm sure you guys know how to have fun sailing in Sweden.

I actually already have the title of King of Kanaha and I'm lately extending my kingdom to Lanes...

Anonymous said...

Hi GP I just checked the Aloha Classic website and found out has been postponed to next year.
Well I guess I have to cancel my plans to get there on time.
Do you know what happened?
Thank you

Lano said...

You cant be the King of Lanes, I am the King of Lanes....Hail Lano!

cammar said...

Anon (is that Jeff S.?),
good catch! I just got the info that I posted in the new post.

don't fret, I'm not planning to include the australian Lanes in my kingdom...