Sunday, September 09, 2007

let me continue to celebrate the return of the waves at Hookipa.

This photos is from yesterday. The wind was very light and too many surfers out made me choose to sail Lanes, where I caught a few fun ones. This one is on my way back to the beach at Hoo. As a sign of respect for the 10 surfers rule (more than 10 surfers out, the spot is for surfers) I just went straight in... but I sooo wanted to ride that thing!

This sign was at Kanaha. Phil might have lost his board, but he didn't lose his sense of humor... if you've found that board give him a call.

Now check Sharon's last post (that also shows Robby Naish's interesting latest beach vehicle...).

Here's my answer to that sticker on the sign...

And since you guys liked the quiz of a couple of posts ago (btw, I just posted a comment on that post with the solution), here's another one... a bit easier!
Here are two arses.



Which on is from Leeds and which one is from Brazil?


Lano said...

Next flights booked to brazil, sorry Sharon......

Sharon said...

We laughed our arses off doing if anyone happens to stumble across mine :-) Hey wait a minute I think that Brazilian chick is a thief!

jenna jamison said...

dude, you are one hung dude!

cammar said...

book two, please.

a big applause for the best sense of humor and ready-to-throw-youself-under-the-bus-for-a-laugh attitude in the world.

if I liked ski instead of windsurfing, you'd be less impressed...

jeff E of the Great White North said...

I spent alot of time looking at those Butt pics , a huge waste of time no...speaking of huge, as to your reply to "windsurfing has been cancel(l)ed" the humour is appropriate. 'Outdoors" magazine wrote an article about kiting labelled "windsurfing has been cancelled" coined after the bumper stciker, i then wrote the editor to tell him that was a very inflammatory title, just bad karma .... they published my repsonse, from me Jeff Earnie. Quite honesty i think windsurfers have been slammed. But thats IMHO. There been alot of bad feelings across the board ( no pun intended ) over that whole issue and the guys who coined the phrase really lost some karma points in the name of there own business interests, again IMHO...its seems kiters are only to willing to slam us shredders. Again an appropriate repsonse G.