Thursday, March 27, 2008

awesome wavesailing

It's been a couple of awesome days at Hookipa.

I especially liked wednesday. Slightly underpowered on a 4.7, unusually not so gusty wind, clean head to logo high waves. A hell lot of people, but all good sailors that know how to share a wave.
Today (thursday) the waves were a bit smaller and it was windier, so I liked it a notch less (4 stars instead of 5!). I had two sessions and in between I took a bunch of pics. Got some good ones. Here are the main page deservers.

Let's start with Browsinho, who was in jumping mood.

I need to get in touch with that photographer and check with him how his photo was. If it was a magazine worthy one, my photo would make a great little inlet photo...
Anyway, I don't know the photographer, but the sailor is Keith Taboul.

Explosive top turn by Taka.

Browsinho again.

And Browsinho again.

I love this shot. No sponsors, no radical rotations, just a "simple" high jump... so much freedom in this photo.

How about this Taka wipeout?

And the rest in this slide (if the slide stops just click the "x" on the top right corner and it will start again).

Windsurfing, what a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

Ciao Giampaolo, ti seguo sempre con piacere. Lavoro anche io come ingegnere nel settore industriale e come tutti quelli che fanno windsurf e surf sogno di venire prima o poi a Maui.

p.s. te l'avranno chiesto in tantissimi ma tanto per sapere, quale รจ il periodo migliore in genere per venire?

ciao, Sebastiano.

cammar said...

Ciao Sebastiano,
I will answer in English so that everybody will understand.
What's the best period to come to Maui?
It depends.

I personally love winter, but that's because I like surfing just as much as windsurfing. In winter, in fact, there's bigger waves on the north shore and way less wind. So many days of great surfing, many days of very light wind wavesailing and some days of strong wind waves sailing.
If you're not into surfing, DON'T come in winter.

Summer is pretty much the opposite: windy almost every day (4.2 to 5.0), but pretty flat or with mostly wind swell. I usually don't like sailing in summer, but I survive thanks to the fact that there's waves for surfing on the south shore. Last summer was an exception, with many days of head high windswell for fun wavesailing at Hookipa. Try to avoid august, because it's really difficult to find accomodation.

Autumn and spring can offer both days with wind and waves and days with no wind and no waves.
The closer you choose your period to summer, to more chance you have to get wind (but smaller waves).
I personally think that for an average sailor not searching for crazy big waves conditions, May/June are good months. But hey, you can get skunked (leggi: beccare cippa di vento) also in these months.
It's wind, thank god we can't control it... yet!

Anonymous said...

Dear Giampa,

can you find buffalo mozzarella in Maui? And if not how can you live without it. I know you will answer that the three S's help you get over it....but I don't believe you.. ;)



cammar said...


It's hard without, I admit, but it makes it even more special to taste it again when I go back home to see my parents.
Actually the food item I miss most is the non-industrial falanghina wine I buy from a farmer in Pozzuoli. No label, no chemicals, totally illegal divine nectar.
I thank god for The "Feudi San Gregorio" one I can buy in Maui, but it's not even remotely comparable...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the nice post Gp,
It was interesting to see Marcilio jumping on a single fin board. Pretty much everybody in Cabo Verde was riding twinsers (including him) but it seems like the single fins work better if you add jumping to the mix...

Anonymous said...

hi gp,

try - that's where i go to to satisfy my cravings for european food.



Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the unknown NP rider is Alex Mussolini.

fswp said...

the third photo of Marcilio is just woow, all the rest to, but that one, really wooow

i guess his results @ cabo verdo has given him even more motivation to do major moves on the waves...

nice shooting cammer !

cammar said...

one fin better for jumping? Mmm... interesting... and why would that be? Gets on a plane faster? faster top speed? Just curious...

thanks for the tip, but I searched for falanghina and I had no results... bad!

good sponsor-based guess, but he wasn't Alex.

I like the first one best instead. All the photos are taken from the same spot, so in the first one he want way higher.
I also like the one with the photographer a lot. I just found out who the photographer was: my friend Benjamin. Let's see if I can get the water shot from him...
It depends if he's going to sell it to some magazine...

fswp said...

i'll guess i like the third more because you see the other surfers and you can clearly see that he's way above the others unlike with the first, you have actually no clue (although indeed it looks very high :))

let's hope idd that you're friend can release some water kicking photo's :)

(ps. sam instead of fswp will do just fine)