Saturday, March 15, 2008

Levi and Jake

While horrible, gusty, strong wind continues, the really good guys seem to be able to make the most of it.

Clearly, I'm not one of them. My one hour session at Hookipa today was ranked one sad star... and my body is all sore from three days of this kind of sailing.
I may well take a day off tomorrow... well, at least the morning, since Juventus-Napoli will be live at 9.30am on Fox Soccer Channel!

Anyway, lots of good sailors out today, but for some reasons the only decent pics I got are of Levi Siver and Jake 'the snake' Miller. Both just got back from Cabo Verde (where there's only one more day to eventually finish the double elimination) and both seem to be charging pretty hard. First and last pics is Jake, the others is Levi.
BTW, some of these photos were taken less than an hour ago... that's almost real time! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

that one handed spray from levi is such a sick shot!

cammar said...

Thanks, that spray is nice indeed.
That photo makes me think of a shot that Charles Oreve took of Levi's brother Luke something like one year ago.
Fully extended body with the front hand dragging in the water...
He could have deleted the sail with photoshop and it would have looked like Kelly Slater...
Now, THAT was a sick shot!

nico said...

btw.. did you read about the new upgraded streaming videos for bells beach ASP competition? Seems to be amazing.. just few days and we'll see....

cammar said...

Nico, thanks for bringing that up.
Here is a description of how this new service will (or should) be.
Honestly it doesn't seem particularly impressive to me. All you need is big servers, a lot of bandwith and some decent streaming and database software.
I'm not putting it down, I'm just saying that it is something that is already higly available with the status of today's technology.

Nonetheless, the surfing industry is leading edge again, thanks to the huge amount of money that the sponsors put in it (and the huge return of the investment they get thanks to the webcasts).

At the same time, the PWA event in Cabo Verde ended. Kauli won and here's wrap up... a very well done one indeed, but still sad boring text other than exciting action videos.
Oh, wait I forgot to mention Kauli's sponsors. Here, let me do it again.
Kauli Seadi (JP / NeilPride) won the event in Cabo Verde.
Ok, now his sponsors will get their huge return on the investment too!