Friday, March 14, 2008

One more day of nuking wind

My 4.2 was big at times, but somehow I managed to have fun and ride a couple of really nice ones.
I was impressed by the intensity of some gusts on the outside. A wind with a strong personality Peter commented later in the day...
After sailing I took some pics at Hookipa and I saw both Robby Naish and Francisco Goya falling on a jibe on the inside... I believe they would agree with Peter...

Anyway, here's Robby flying high above everybody.

Here's Francisco digging a crevasse.

Marcelo goes for it.

Jesse Brown.

One of those young brazilians.

The argentinian goiter-er again.

Tomorrow is another day...

PS. Makani was there just before me, so look for more photos/videos on his blog.

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Anonymous said...

hey man , thanks a lot for all these pics it make me remember maui and give me nrj to come back , if you get videos do not hesitate