Friday, March 07, 2008

Hookipa 3 6 08

Great day yesterday. A bit crowded, but a lot of fun.

The best photo of the day award goes to Patrick Bergeron that yesterday was on fire. This is a sick table top aerial off the lip. Good job...

This one is pretty sick too. Francisco Goya duck jibed on the first wave of his session and rode it switch stance... !!!

I wonder if he can win this brain challenge... I can't:
While sitting in a chair, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. While doing this draw the number six (from the top) in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction. There is nothing you can do about it...

This photo gets the main page because:
1) it's me
2) I love the spray of the wave
3) I love the colors of my superfreak

Another advantage of having such a sail is that when you sail next to Anne-Marie and yell to her:"nice bikini t-shirt combo!", she smiles and replies:"thank you... hey, it matches your sail!"
Anne-Marie you are officially invited to a photoshoot laying down with your bikini on my sail...

Or maybe if you buy a white superfreak you can paint it the way you want (and try to impress girls...).

Andres was trying out a 2009 Smack prototype. He loved it.

Keith Taboul and Jason Prior figure eighting. Thanks to Glenn for taking some of these photos.

This photo gets the main page NOT because it's me, NOT because of my lame turn, but because of the turtle in the wave in front of me.

More photos in the slide below. More and MUCH BETTER photos on Ray's website.


Anonymous said...

Patrick Bergeron was ripping it up !!!

/ Patrik said...


I really liked the photo of Goya riding switch. I've been thinking about that for some time now time to switch it up a bit more. I'd love to see some progressive swith rides on Cabo Verde this time around.

Rip it up!

Anonymous said...


That first picture of Patrick is just a tweaked aerial, not a table-top off the lip. But it's still super tweaked.

I get to Maui next Sunday! I can't wait!

fswp said...

some great photo's cammar!! and you're definitely right about Anne-Marie's combo :P

cammar said...

third comment:
do you mean that a table top off the lip is the one made on the other side of the sail (board and hips towards the beach instead of towards the ocean with the body extended on the mast side instead of on the foot of the sail side)?
Or do you mean that the board is not exactly horizontal upside down?

In the first case, I may agree with you.
In the second case, I accept your note ONLY if you are Graham Ezzy coming back to Maui from college and show me a perfect one right away... ;-)

In any which case, Patrick's move was just sick!

Anonymous said...


The first case: With a table top, the board (and legs) twists around the mast, so it would be on the other side of the sail.

Hopefully we have wind on Sunday! I'm going from the airport to Hookipa!


cammar said...

No way... Graham, did I spot you or what?!!! predicts wind for Sunday so you might get a nice welcome back home sesh...

See ya at the beach!

Anonymous said...

i like the idea of a "custom custom" superfreak, where you can hand colour it yourself.

maybe jeff can incorporate a set of paints / pens as an accessory item?