Monday, March 10, 2008

Maui stoke

This is a (long) photographic report of a day at the beach(es).

Let's start with the photo that I called: jurassic harness.
Actually, OPEN ocean surf gear is a pretty cool name for a brand that makes (or made) windsurfing accessories... but you just can't put the logo there, come on!
Or maybe they did it intentionally, in which case congrats for the humor!
Click on the photo and see what I mean...

Right, and now with the boom that high, the diaper, I mean the harness that low and the lines that short... how in the world are you going to hook in?! You need a ladder, brah!!

Oh well, the wind was super light anyway... so light that the waves at lower Kanaha were exclusively populated by standuppers... or should it be standlowers in this case?

For all the newbies of this sport, here's a document that explains the etiquette.
IMO, it should be printed by all the shops and given to the clients who rent or buy standup boards. It should also be printed on signs on all main surf breaks.

Let's move on to the next character. This is Alan, who once I heard saying:"here in Kanaha, I'm more famous for my napping than for my sailing!"... hysterical.
By the way, he really is, considering that he takes daily fat naps on his board bags under a tree.

Throwing sand on the beach with Dad's hat on MUST feel good.

Italian foot at ease in hawaiian slippah... very symbolic.

Mr. Cabrinha goes for a stroll.

And now let's move to Hookipa. Young kids were ripping at Pavils. This one is 13 at most.

Nice light.

The beach scene was more relaxed.

Well, can't really relax with things like this around...

Ops, she found a spot on her right leg!

Ops, she found another one on her left leg!

Beautiful sceneries...

...whales flapping tails...

...wild tropical birds...'s easy to understand why this guy is so stoked to be in vacation in Maui!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Open Ocean. You are one funny guy.

Robin said...


stoneaxe said...

Glad to see the comments back Giampalo.

As a newb Standup I agree. Already enough people lashing out against SUP without more kooks making it worse. They really should have a handout, at the rental shops especially.

Lano said...

All the things I like about Maui, so laid back!

Ely from NYC said...

Hey GP,

Off topic, but what's the story with that parrot (Blue and Gold Macaw, that is)? I heard it squawking and flying around Kuau when I was staying in the neighborhood two weeks ago. Is it a wild escapee, or is it so tame that it flies back to its rightful owner at the end of the day?

cammar said...

Thanks for the comments.

Stoneaxe, it would defenitely be good also because unfortunately some shope owners/employees don't know the etiquette themselves...
And they should have a similar one for surfing too. The other day I had a couple of killer rides screwed by beginners on soft-tops... in head high surf at Hookipa!
I kindly told them that they would have more fun and would not be a danger for the others if they went to any beach on the south shore (though I always recommend the perfect Launiupoko). They didn't leave. Then they dropped in a local guy who loudly yelled at them and they left.

The first three months of my surfing career I surfed EXCLUSIVELY on the south shore... ok, it was summer time, but still.
The first 30 sessions of my SUP surfing career I surfed EXCLUSIVELY on the south shore... and it was even winter time!
Maui's south shore is THE best place in the world (ok, the best place I know) to learn how to surf or SUP surf. And it's 25 minutes drive from the north shore.

Ely, as long as I know, that bird lives in a cottage next to Mama's fish house. He's free to fly (it's great to watch him glide at head high height scaring the hell out the tourists on the beach), but he always goes back to his owner. Maybe he gets fed with some expensive leftovers...

pave paradise said...

That flashy loud bird is a menace. It just lands wherever it wants, draws attention to itself, poops all over everything, then flies away elsewhere, leaving it to others to deal with its mess... The neighbors wouldn't mind seeing it gone for good. Can anyone blame them?

cammar said...

I can.

They live in Maui, they should be stoked.
They shouldn't complain about a bird behaving naturally.
They should rather complain about development (i.e. humans) ruining the natural habitat of that bird.