Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Windswell session!

Well, the waves may not be epic, but they're still a hell lot of fun!

Yesterday Tuesday fortunately the lifeguards didn't close the parks (at least they didn't close Hookipa) and, despite the super strong and gusty wind (up to 35mph), sailing was unexpectedly fun. A few reasons for that:

1) my 4.0 Superfreak is the best sail on Earth for those conditions (and my skill/preference). I hate those conditions, but I love the fact that I have a sail that makes them sailable for me. With any other sail, I would have probably chosen not to go sail. Or at least I would have not lasted two bloody hours! Actually, one more wave and my arms would have fallen off...

2) the last hour or so it was: Keith, Lalo, Philippe, Julien, Anatol and me. There were so many waves to ride and despite the fact that I was clearly the kookest I had my fair share. All friends, hooting at each other when on a big one...
Just a different place and dimension of when instead there's three people on the same wave or when you have to pick the line not based on the wave but based on the five people going out at the same time.

3) the windswell may not be the cleanest and easiest to read, but when it lines up both the rights at Middles and The point open up beautifully. I connected my last one and managed to make four turns on it. That's a lot for Hookipa!
Abd four shitty turns count like one good one! That's a new rule I just invented ;)

4) the wind was so offshore that on the inside there were sections in which it wasn't blowing hard at all. It was actually possible to sheet it in the bottom turns.
That made going out through the waves with a 4.0 and a 72l board a bit of a challenge though...

5) the offshore wind offered many barreling lips to throw aerials on. I keep landing on the back, but I'm slowly getting better.

The photo on top is a classic Josh Stone shot taken by Francky earlier in the day. He's got plenty more on his website

Alex took some photos from the bluff too, but I haven't got them yet and I will post them as soon as I get them. So make sure to come back to check those out too.



Anonymous said...

"Abd four shitty turns count like one good one! That's a new rule I just invented ;)"

Yes - been watching the surf contest Web cast for the 2009 France Quicksilver and you know what - it's the way they seem to score...

so you're onto something.

Anonymous said...

nice photo!

Just came back from a session, butttttt no waves, and light wind, (6,2 and 100 L)

despite that, with a smile :) waiting for a beer!