Tuesday, November 02, 2010


When the waves are big, channels close...

Can anyone count the seconds between the waves for me? I'm afraid my watch has low batteries... :)
Also, does anyone understand what I say after "f%^*@ hell" at the end? Maybe "that was a wave"? And after that?
Anyway, the sailor on the last wave is Pascal.
I got a couple of clips of successful rides too, but I'll post them tomorrow, so don't forget to come back!

In the meantime, here are a few shots from Hookipa where I quickly stopped before sailing.


Roberto from Sardinia!

Lifeguard Matt.


During the night, the NW buoy went up to 15 feet, 15 seconds from NNW, and today it will be a gorgeous sunny glassy all morning BIG waves day in Hawaii.
Choose the spot that suites your ability carefully and don't be a dick with a "I'm a waterman" attitude, please.

As you can see from this morning water map, the fetch is now oriented much more towards Hawaii and it's much closer. That means that in a couple of days the second brunt of the swell will, in my not so humble opinion, be even bigger.

Ladies and gentleman, it's Makahiki time! I don't want to be anywhere else...

PS. Beautiful comment from visiting friend Nino, who rode the best waves of his life at Kanaha yesterday.
"Usually there's two kinds of vacations: the nature oriented one and the more classic touristic and cultural vacation. Here in Maui it's both. You're in the middle of the nature, doing the sport you like most and yet you're doing what the ancient hawaiians were doing hundreds of years ago. Riding those waves is like going to a museum..."

Hey, 5.30 am! The museum is about to open... gotta go!


Andrew said...

Sounded like "Powerful wave ... I have no idea where my board is ... ".

Looked like some huge waves!

roberto festa said...

bella foto grazie

Anonymous said...

Awesome Clip GP, I think that you are a lot calmer than I would be!

Looks like you had a looong swim :)


cammar said...

Andrew, thanks that is "I have no idea where my board is".
Still not sure about the part before...

Roberto, prego.

Rick, I know that place and there's nothing really to fear. As you guessed it's just a swim (5 minutes) and the board will be floating on the inside. Fortunately, everything was intact, otherwise the swim to the shore would have been way longer (but still not dangerous).

Anonymous said...

Hi GP. Check the discussion here:



Anonymous said...

Nice clip!

Do you care to join the discussion about it: http://boards.mpora.com/forums/getting-out-big-t56634p5.html?t=56634&page=5

cammar said...

I would/will if I find the time... kinda busy surfing/sailing/blogging these days...
In the meantime I feel like saying: appearance is misleading.