Sunday, February 06, 2011

interview with Ola

As promised, I interviewed the designer of the new upcoming Simmer boards, Ola Helenius.

Timingly enough, the Windsurfer International came up with their new online issue in which there is an article about the same topic. I think the video interview and the article complement each other perfectly, so I recommend to check out both if you're interested.

Italian soccer news: Napoli won 2-0 and is now only three points behind Milan.
American football news: in a few minutes the Superbowl will start and I will enjoy the most uncrowded surf session of the year.

PS. I just received this email from a couple of Hi-Tech customers.

Hi Giampaolo!
Something below for your well-written and nice blog?!

We got our (or actually rented) SUPs stolen from the roof-rack of our car yesterday 6.20pm. Outside Borders bookstore & Sports Authority. In the midde of the parking-lot, under a big lamp-pole among ther cars. According to the Police there have been many thefts like this lately on this parking-lot.

The boards were rented at HiTech and are:
Starboard, white and silver edges, 9,0" x 33". like new
Koloa, blue bottom and edges, 10,5" x 30. some repairs and dings

John at HiTech told us today that a friend of his saw some obscure guys were seen with screw-drivers this morning at the Hookipa parking, suspiciously looking like car breaking. But John's friend did not see anything else so he was not sure.

Please write on your blog that surfboards are hard cash right now it seems, even in almost daylight at parkings full of people and with all shops open. And keep an eye open for cheap SUP-deals on Maui...

See you on the water, or at HiTech!!

M & C, Sweden

Well that sucks! Anyone who eventually see those boards, please give HiTech a call at 877-2111.


M said...

BTW, the theft is reported to the police...

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

GP actually had a very uncrowded windsurfing session - the only windsurfer at Kanaha. See
for some pictures.

Vad håller jag på med?! said...

here you go. :)

David said...

Great post GP!

Lano said...

Karma will bite all that steal surf boards