Wednesday, February 02, 2011

it was way harder than it looks

Very glad I chose to sail elsewhere, otherwise with those waves and the extremely offshore wind I would have done some serious damage. Considering that yesterday I already broke mast and sail (the Forza Napoli sail... and today Napoli lost playing a horrible game...), that would have not been good.

These guys instead make it look good no matter what. The level of the top sailors at Hookipa is just mesmerizing. I only shot one hour and kinda late in the afternoon so I missed Mark, Drew, Levi, KP and others. Nonetheless, the outcome was quite remarkable.

Photo of the day goes to this Taka off the lip by Marcilio Browne, AKA Browsinho.
When I looked at this photo on the lcd screen of my fantastic, cheap, point and shoot camera, I knew it was going to be good.

When I looked at this one instead, I thought I'd fuck up the framing (too much zoom). Instead, I like it a lot. Robby Swift spotting the landing mid aerial.

When I looked at this other one instead, I thought I had a magazine worthy one. Unfortunately it turned out to be blurred.
I remind the readers that I shoot hand held. I can't stand tripodes and I find the challenge of the hand held way more fun.
This aerial from Browzinho falls into the glorious category.

Chronological order from now on.
Keith is back from a trip that offered some epic surfing. God, look at those colors!

Keith off the top.

Bernd on a sizey one.

This kid knows how to bottom turn.

Click on the photo and read the interesting sponsor to the right of Swifty's head.

He was on fire today.


You may think that all waves look big when Bernd is on them. Wrong. They are big.


And Bernd.


This guy's name is Zac Howard (danke Frau doktor) and he was ripping!



And Browzinho.

Tomorrow is another day. Unless we die tonight (never forget that one day this is going to be true)...

PS. Bruno Sillac from Oahu just sent me an link to his new video called Season Ender. I don't even need to look at it. I'll embed it because I know I will like it. Thanks Bruno! Hopefully I'll make it over there this summer!

Season Ender from BRUNO SILLAC on Vimeo.


(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

GP - I saw you yesterday at Lowers doing a nice backstroke to get to your gear. Is that when mast & sail broke? Sorry to hear that, I saw a lot of broken gear yesterday, including half a mast floating just past the break (waves were too big to attempt to grab it).

cammar said...

Well, I had quite a few swims, so I don't know if it was that particular one... but yes, I found my gear broken when I got to it after a long swim.
Fortunately, the mast broke at the very top, so I could still sail in.
I was again in the water later on and it was super fun!

PeconicPuffin said...

I can really feel the three dimensional movement in that top off-the-lip shot. And the second photo should be next to "Spotting your landing" in the dictionary!


cammar said...

Thanks PP.

Anonymous said...

Is that Oahu footage at the place called 'The Spot' or similar. The same place you spent last Hawaiian summer? It looks unreal!

cammar said...

Yes, it's from the spot that I named "Da spot".