Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a perfect day off

Omg, omg, omg, what an awesome day I had today!

A 6 feet, 13 sec from around 340 degrees lovely swell provided some delightful logo to mast high waves and I made sure not to waste yet another nature's gift.

In the early morning I surfed Middles (only six people out, can't pass on that!).
Caught a few ass hole tightening bombs before it got a bit windy, so I decided to save the energies for sailing. I knew it was going to be sailable and good... What I didn't know was how good it was going to be!

I had to test a couple of things on a sailing SUP, so I hit the water at 11 o'clock sharp in a spot that I seldom sail.
If it's big enough, there's a wave in that spot that is very intense. I remember the first time I saw it, many years ago, it looked like a little Waimea.
Today it looke like a little Jaws. It was logo high, throwing and barreling in the top third. G-L-A-S-S-Y!

After half hour and three waves, I tested what I needed to test and decided that it was windy enough to slog out on my trusty 80l windsurfer.
I was also testing a new Hot Sails Maui prototype and, for the first time ever, I didn't find absolutely anything wrong with it. That sail is awesome, Tom. Very good job.

Anyway, I had the place to myself for at least an hour before the wind got a bit stronger, creating a bit of chop and allowing other sailors to venture out at the same time. In that hour I caught some of my best waves ever.
Those waves were as glassy as the wave of the first photo of Polakow in the last post. Omg, omg, omg!

After that, I went to Hookipa and took the following photos. Don't have a windsurfing photo of the day, but I do have a sailor of the day: Jason Polakow. This photo came out dark, but his sailing was bright.

Hey, I don't have a windsurfing photo of the day, but I do have an ass photo of the day!

Uncle Robby's bottom turn.

Jason Diffin.

First rescue: Manu.


Volwater was testing race sails at the spot I sailed early. I thought:"damn, it must be grim to be testing race sails when there's such beautiful waves!"
He clearly thought the same and made up for that later at Hookipa.




Patrick bottom turns a sizey one.

Second rescue: Ferdinando.

Robby does the hula.

Levi's successful taka.




Alex is trying!


After the photoshoot, I found some energies for a sunset session at one of my favorite spots. Beautiful clean and peeling logo to mast high waves. Once again, I had a blast.

What else did I do today?
I fixed a board.
I did my laundry.
I cooked a delicious dinner.
I did this post.
And I'm going to sleep early, because tomorrow I'm going to ride more waves.

What? Sex?!... that's WAY overrated!!!
I'll think about that when it's flat...

PS. Just received an email from a friend that said:
"This might be interesting.....the guy lives on Maui, kites windsurfs and lived out of his van for years."
The following flyer was attached. I better finish that Stephen Hawking book that Paolo gave me...


Dominique said...

very glad that the second pic came out with better light than the first one! Well, according to this winter, maybe a few more months before you have sex again...keep on riping!

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

Very nice APOTD! We might see you at the Institute of Astronomy tonight. Always wanted to know what's up with the universe and everything.

Garrett Lisi said...

Hey Ben, and GP,
Amusing to see my bald head smiling back from your blog. Hope you liked the physics talk last night, if you made it! No waves today, so no excuse if you didn't.

cammar said...

Hi Garrett,

I did make it (and saw Ben too), but didn't understand much... I'm afraid my brain is getting atrophied because of me very simple life style! :)