Monday, February 21, 2011

more about that epic Thursday

Ola sent me the link to his gallery of photos of that epic Thursday.

I downloaded my favorites.

This is one the best Hookipa wave sailing shots I've ever seen. You don't see often that glassiness over here.
Legendary windsurfer Jason Polakow doesn't waste a bit of it.

OMG. Polakow.

OMG. Polakow.

OMG. Swift.


Thanks again to Ola for letting me post his photos.

PS. Last one was mine :)


Henrik said...

I'm sure the last shot isn't one of Ola's... Or is it perhaps Gisela we are viewing? Gisela who we have never seen a picture of because she is always behind the camera.

Anonymous said...

How perflectly shaped and clean does that first wave look???


cammar said...

I know... just like the last photo!
Who is not Gisela, btw.