Monday, February 14, 2011

with the Kuau Mart goes a piece of our heart

I wanted to make a sign that said that and stand outside the store on the side of the road waving at the cars to rise awareness... I'm pretty sure still many people don't know that February 28 will be the last day of business for the Kuau Mart.

But it's winter time. I've been busy surfing, sailing and throwing in my few hours at work. Maybe I'll find the time, but in the meantime I thought about making a post about it.

The owner of the buiding has raised again the rent to ridiculous levels and the Nomura family has to close down a business that has been running for 18 years.

It's a sad story that we heard already and we will hear again. Because there's not much we can do to avoid it. In this country (just like in the rest of the western civilization) money rules. And some people just never seem to have enough of it.

I don't know the details so I can't do any specific judgment. All I know is that that shop has been the heart of Maui's north shore surfing and windsurfing community for years. The hysterically funny lady Liona first, replaced in the latest years by her sweet daughters, welcomed everyone with a warm sense of aloha.

That's right, the legendary teriyaki chicken will be gone forever on February 28.
As I say in the title, a piece of the north shore resident's heart will be gone with it. I feel like thanking the Nomura family from the deep of my heart for making everybody feel at home, specially the many ones, like me, for whom the original home is thousands of miles away.

Here's the link to the Save the Kuau Mart facebook page.

Lately a German artist called Julian Bird painted an awesome mural on the side wall. Here's how it started.

And here's how it ended.

The shark was already there and here's a detail of how he integrated it.

He's been traveling the world painting murals in many places to spread his message of peace. This is his website (check the gallery). Unfortunately, the probability that that wall will be torn down soon are pretty high...

Once again, a big mahalo goes from this blog to the Nomura family.


Anonymous said...

ah... yes the unfortunate reality of life: People are at heart greedy.

You should come down to Australia and experience first hand what real greed feels like. It results in places that once were beautiful (some people even called it the lucky country) to deteriorate into societies that are purely driven by monetary status and all the bull that comes with it.

Sadly the only time people realise what's really important in life is within minutes of them dying.

Anonymous said...

What a shame that art cannot be saved, along with the mart.


Anonymous said...

I am very sad Kuau Mart is shutting down. I still remember how I liked to stop there and have their deicious chili-with-rice after a session @hookipa. It was long time ago in 1992 and I remember it was managed by some guys who came from Samoa. I wish I could go to Paia again but I am afraid is much changed since then.



Chris said...

Wow, that's sad. I'm lucky enough to be on the island before they close so I'll be sure to drop in and offer my condolences.

I just heard that most of the village pubs in Brittan are closing (6000 last year alone). It's sad to see these little community places disappearing.

cammar said...

Thanks for the comments.
I didn't publish a couple of anonymous other comments expressing judgements.
If feel like judging someone, please post the comment with a google account and sign with first and last name.

Cirilo said...

Kuau exelente

Bob loves Hawaii said...

The owner of the building is public record, why don't you post it so people can speak with them. Maybe shame can work.

Meesh said...

Family Kuau Mart rocks. Will really miss you!

Meesh said...

ps. nice post GP

Josh said...

Kuau mart, when i go to hookip' first stop was at this shop. With all cards and dedicated pictures of legends in the wall...the dream of the heart of windsurfing come true. So good memory, very sad news for us for this shutting down. Josh from New Caledonia