Friday, February 25, 2011


The other day I watched a surf movie called Stoked and broke.

It was very refreshing when compared to the average pros only super high performance 99% of the rest of the surf movies.
Here's some interesting quotes from it:

I see the finances of this present world just holding kids back of being what they really wanna be, because it's basically financially impossible to just be a free spirit, almost.

You can live it though, if you really think about it. If it's really something you wanna do, you can do anything you want in this world actually.

And what I say to anybody that wants to do something that's going to allow them to be free is: stay focused.

Do whatever it takes to keep your focus there and don't let anyone else tell you different, because if you believe it, you'll feel it and you'll do it.

There's a lot of stuff that goes on but... just keep it happy and simple.

Very inspiring. To the point that, after watching it, I thought once again that I should do a movie too.
Right, like that Oahu movie that I never did... movies take way too much time, they're not for me.
But wait a moment, didn't I start to edit that Oahu movie?
I went looking for it and I actually did found it. So I slapped it on youtube... nobody would have seen it on my hard disk! Highly doubt I will ever finish it, but in the meantime... enjoy!

PS. The first ASP event of the season is on at Snapper Rocks.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised by the lack of women shots in your clip... I know it was just the beginning of the editing but I would have thought you had better priorities hehe

Niclas said...

Honestly GP, you SHOULD do a movie. Maybe not on your own, but with someone who is good at editing, adding comments etc. You have lots of contacts, use them! A film of the ordinary life of an IT-guy, who then leaves it all behind him - "just" to live his life. A movie to inspire more people to live their dreams.

Nelisblog said...

Hey GP,
Talking about movies....
Back in the nineties in Italian!

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

I would start with the everything is possible story... en epic tale.

Was that you in uppers today, on Francisco's rig?

cammar said...

Niclas, that's what the blog is about...

Nelisblog, thanks a lot for that.

That was me at Uppers (filling in one spare hour before work) on my shop's rig. I want to test all the gear we have for rent, so I know better what to recommend to our customers. Tough job, I know...