Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kinel, what another beautiful day it was!

For once, the shot of the day doesn't go to a windsurfer, but to a surfer... a beautiful one.
That ass falls into the glorious category. It's so good that she can't stop herself from grabbing it... you think I'm joking? Keep reading...

This one is Mark with a beautiful hit.

And this is Brawzinho with a sick one hand goiter. He took his hand off the boom very, very early.

And, right after glorious asses and sick moves from pro windsurfers, you guys will excuse me if I put a few photos of my beautiful self, before the other photos I took... (da hell, this is my blog in the end!).

Today the waves were smaller than yesterday, the size that I like: mostly chest to head high with overhead sets.
The wind was still very offshore, but not many gusts on the inside made for some really clean faces. I was quite inspired and at the end of the day I racked up a total of three sessions: SUP in the morning, and two sailing sessions (early and late afternoon). The last one was pure poetry.

Jimmie Hepp was taking photos (god bless him) and here I am, with the red Freak with which I replaced the destroyed Forza Napoli white one. That was a magic ultra light custom sail and I immediately ordered another one (should have done it months ago).
Anyway, I stopped by the Hot Sails Maui loft and saw some really interesting new sails ... can't wait to try them!
I feel like sending a huge thank to Jeff for supporting me all these years. I hope I gave back enough so far.

Here's the Jimmie's gallery of the day on Facebook.

Allright, and now the other photos in chronological order.
Patrick sported a brand new sail.


Anne Marie.


Those argentinian lips are for the ladies.





First time ever I've seen Neil sailing Hookipa. I had a pleasure to teach a couple of lessons with him and he's an awesome windsurf instructor (and an extremely nice guy). Email me, if you want to book a lesson with him.



Mark, clew first forward off the lip. Right.

What did I tell you at the beginning of the post?

The only shadow on this gorgeous day was a fairly bad collision in the water (didn't see it, but I heard about it... fortunately no one hurt). Sailors, please keep in mind that safety comes first! DO NOT GO FOR A CRITICAL TURN IF THERE'S A CHANCE TO HIT SOMEONE IN THE WATER!!! Thanks.

Now a few days of glassy surf ahead of us. What a winter...

No wait! This is a little KP promo for the upcoming American Windsurfing tour. I'm the least competitive person I know, but I love watching contests. So, in order to support this effort I may even decide to enter the Maui contest... old farts category!

And talking about contests, looks like this Sunday will see the trials of the first stop of the Standup World tour at Sunset Beach in Oahu. It should be webcasted.


benjaminpink said...

Hey GP, when you were at hot sails, did you see my custom me superfreak? it is a cool black one, I just got notice that it shipped today. Anyway, great photos as always thanks.

cammar said...

I saw a bunch os sail bags, but no idea about yours. You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

So tasteful, so Italian...

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Luke Siver?