Wednesday, February 09, 2011

jaws stuff (and not)

Note: Little Friday morning meteo update at the end.

I'm not a huge fan of Jaws related stuff.

But when it's my buddies that do that kinda stuff, then it's different.

This video is a tribute to Griffin.
It's not the first time that someone sails from Maliko to Jaws. That's actually how Kauli did it his first time. He told me:"it took me two hours to sail upwind, then I sailed there for three hours and then one more hour to sail downwind. After six hours sailing and that kind of emotions, I was completely exhausted when I got back..."

It took Griffin 1h 15min to sail upwind to Jaws. Which means either that he had stronger wind or that he sails upwind better than Kauli!
It doesn't matter if he stayed cautiously on the shoulder. What I like is the spirit.
Great little video by Chris Murray.

The same day (Tuesday) another friend sailed Jaws for his first time. Taken from Jimmie Hepp's FB gallery, this is Nick Warmuth.

This is a very nice presentation of Jaws paddle-in action.
What bugs me a bit is that my friend Marcio Freire has been surfing Jaws for years, but only now that the sponsored guys are doing it too, they get the media coverage. Oh well, that's how it goes...

Chuck Patterson doesn't surf Jaws. He skies it.

Allright, this is not Jaws.
As the comments (thanks!) pointed out, it's someone called Corey at Margaret River and that is an amazingly big and beautiful wave. Taken from this gallery.

This one ain't Jaws either, but it's the thickest lip I've ever seen... we're talking waves, you guys.
Taken from this gallery.

This one has nothing to do with windsurfing or surfing, but I ran into it and... I have to embed it!

Today I surfed 4 and a half hours straight. By far, my longest surfing session ever. One of my favorite breaks, 2 to 8 people, chest to head high with overhead sets, very clean.
From 8 to 12.30 I think I caught at least 30-35 waves...
Does anyone have a spare pair of shoulders?

Little Friday morning update. Here's this morning's weather map. Nice, I really dig north swells.

And this is the NW buoy readings: already 11 feet, 12 sec from 30 degrees (I like this direction even better!). I'm going to go surf a couple of hours now (7am) and then I have a lovely 4 hours shift of work.
I'll clock off at 2pm exactly when the low tide will be at the bottom... I like when the stars line up like this. If that front on Oahu doesn't do weird things with the wind, I can see some more surfing in my future.


Anonymous said...

Hi GP, that big and beautiful wave is Margaret River.

Anonymous said...

hey giampaolo, the goya pic is not Francisco. Someone named corey at Margaret river.

keep up the good work.


Nelisblog said...

talking about Big outside Hawaii:


Anonymous said...

griffin, ready with his fins to swim home from jaws if he had a wipeout. that is pretty hard core!