Monday, May 02, 2011

the video of the Boujmaa's crash

The day the accident happened, Kalle told me that he had put a GoPro on Victor's head (he was working on a video for Fanatic) and that Victor was following closely Boujmaa when he went for the triple loop.

Because of the wide angle, we both agreed that the video would have probably not been close enough to show what happened. Then I forgot about it.
But it's now on youtube and it's actually close enough. The speed at which Bouj hits the water makes me want to cover my eyes every time I see it (at real speed)... like a fly on a windshield!
So lucky that he got away with such little damage!

On a completely different note, Tatiana Howard's Butterfly Effect downwinder will happen Saturday May 7th. It should be plenty windy with a high windswell, but a 10am low tide could make the Hookipa shorebreak launch possibly doable. And if not, they will launch somewhere else, like they did in the past, and they will have fun anyway.
Click on the flyer to read the details.

The Maui forecast for this week looks horrible for my taste: strong and gusty wind. Good timing because it's distinctively possible that I will have to work 4 full days straight all day!!! Last time that happened was back in Italy...

The reason for that is that I will have to take the shifts of my co-worker Russ, who will fly to California for the first stop of the AWT at Waddell Creek in Santa Cruz May 5-8.

You better win it, brah!!!!


Anonymous said...

How is your friend Boujamaa? Sorry, for some reason I cannot view your video:-(

My heart bleeds that you have to work FOUR days on the trot - however will you cope???


Weasel's wake said...

This link shows a bit more of the crash and what follows.


A call for help basically.

Anonymous said...

holly cow... the first two rotations are almost stationary mid air. I actually think he wasn't far off landing this but wonder if he maybe passed out from the fast rotation.