Wednesday, December 30, 2009

dec 29 sesh

Well, Hookipa was beautiful but 100,000 people out.
Kanaha was small.
This place was empty, but many closeouts.
I had fun and took some pics from the front of the 8.6.

Hey, my thumb is in the barrel!

Lil' right.

As I said, plenty closeouts.

But also some doable sections.

Not this one.

Sorry about that snot.

No need for comment for this sequence...

Hey, I I just realized I have more Honolua bay pics. Stay tuned for those. Got to go work! Oh well...


chuck said...

I've had good results using Baby shampoo to coat the lens then let it dry before entering water,
sheds drops easily

Anonymous said...

You look like King Canuete in picture 3 holding back the water!