Wednesday, March 03, 2010

close to epic (part two)

Well, the day after (Tuesday) the wind was a little lighter and the swell turned more north, so guess how was it?...

Before we get to that, here are the GoPro photos of Monday, starting from a nice sequence of my buddy Dave.
How freaking perfect is that wave?

My turn to ride one of those beauties. I'm on a 4.0.

Glenn loves when he can backloop on the first wave of his session.

The following two photos were takes two seconds apart... I swear!


The late afternoon session was just as good.

A look upwind.

I have video clips too, but those take more time. I guess I'll put them together with the ones of Tuesday. But first, I'll post the photos from Tuesday. Come back later for those.
Well, I guess that having a hard time catching up with documenting all the great ocean activities one does is a great problem to have... :))))

Let me just leave you with the weather map of this morning Wednesday March 3rd.

That strong high will keep the trades blowing pretty fresh. What's alarming in the map is that there is not a single little fetch generating a ground swell for Hawaii.
Should I be depressed about it? No, because there will be plenty ENE windswell. Plus, in 24 hours that low to the left will move west and have a fetch oriented towards us. That will result in a NW swell for Sunday and Monday.
After that though, I only see trade winds blowing very strong for... ever!
No wait! Small south swell in a week or so... could be worse!!!


Windwiner said...

These POV shots have made me more jealous than any of your previous posts. If you've ever been on a wave before you can just imagine yourself being in that spot, ready for the next OTL or bottom turn. Killer.

cammar said...

WW, only a windsurfer can understand how damn good those waves were. And the day after the were even better.

PS. After having pondered Over The Line, On The Level, Office of Technology Licensing, Oracle Template Library and a few more, it finally struck me that OTL meant Off The Lip...

Morley said...

Hey, did you adjust your booms lower or did the clamp slip? Those are unbelievably clear shots, my poor old stylee gopro is far outclassed now!