Thursday, October 09, 2014

it's officially winter

Well, seems this blog has come back to life, but don't get used to posts like this, because the focus will still be on the morning forecast/report.

It was a fantastic day in Maui.

Below are the photos I took in between sessions. Enjoy.

one lonely and probably crazy longboarder was out there


that's how Levi loads up for the top turn. His hands were wide on the bottom turn, now are very close together and he's going to widen them again to shoulder width when he unloads the turn.

the spray is the result


Sara on a wave that is three times overhead for her

Bernd sailed amazing

very occasionally, even Levi wipes out. That was a good one.

Fiona on another triple overheader. I was impressed by how much she improved.

Kai eyeing a dreamy section

Jazz. That didn't end well.

Bernd flew over the whole damn section

Kai on another bomb

Paolino si e' spataccato oggi!



good day at the office for Nico


Unknown said...

congratulazioni, speravo di un tuo ritorno al blog.

Si oggi mi sono spaccato alla grande, grazie per la foto.

Andrea Pagan's Blog said...

Welcome back Giampaolo!
Thank you for the updates!

Unknown said...

!!!! Next time to Maui its gonna be winter !!!

HernĂ¡n Gri said...

Saluti Gianpo!