Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday 4 1: Forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 8 feet, 8sec, plus 5 feet, 12sec; Waimea buoy 6 feet, 8sec, 30 degrees plus 2.5 feet, 12sec, 320-330 degrees. That's still the ugly wind swell becoming even begger with the stronger winds, with a small NW ground swell leftover. Decent wavesailing and poor surfing.
waves (long term): Very strong trade winds keep blowing... I don't see a clear end for this: we are in spring! Ladies and gentlemen, in case you didn't notice yet, winter is gone! And with it the big NW swells every 3-4 days. There might be a couple of bumps during the weekend from NW and from NNE during the weekend, no sign at the NW buoy yet... nothing too exciting, anyway.
South pacific still sending swells towards south America and not us, but the models show a very deep storm forming in the next few days that should go down to 938 Mbar... if the isobars will line up good, it might be the first big south swell... stay tuned!
wind: Annoingly strong trades.
sky: There's a big cloud band south of the islands. Maui is on the border. It will depend where the clouds will go... In other words, could be sunny or could be cloudy... I have no idea!
Kahului tides: Low 4.48am 0.4 feet, High 8.04am 0.7 feet, Low 12.40am 0.3 feet, High 9.04pm 2.3 feet.

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