Saturday, April 16, 2005

Saturday 4-16: 7.30 am forecast

Good news surfers!
The storm that produced the NW swell that will arrive Monday (forerunners on Sunday afternoon... hopefully big enough) was a pretty solid one and this morning it's still there pushing water towards us. That means that the swell is going to be an upper end medium to big one and is going to last at least 3 full days. After that, a smaller one will follow. The trade winds will slow down a notch on Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully there will be nice surfing conditions in the morning and at sunset and eventually big board wavesailing conditions in the afternoons.
Wednesday afternoon a lower end medium to big south swell will arrive too. It should be straight south, so big shadowing by Kahoolawe for the Lahaina coast. But south swells are not only surfable in Lahaina, right? Anyways, I'm still trying to figure out the shadowing mechanism, so hopefully I'm wrong. Not much going on today: knee to waiste high on the south shore, moderate trades this afternoon. Catch a few small ones in sunny and warm water in the morning or sail on flat water where you can see the reef (low tide on the north shore at 12.38pm)? I'll do both...
Sunday, better take your partner to a hike, 'cause you're gonna be busy for the whole next week...
So long.

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