Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tuesday 4-19: 7.40am forecast

Here's the buoys: NW 8 feet, 14 sec; Waimea: 6 feet, 14 sec, 320 degrees. The NW swell arrived yesterday was quite a lot of fun at Honolua bay, as you can guess from the photos below. The period is decreasing, but the size is still there, so today it should be just a little smaller than yesterday evening. the direction is now 320, while yesterday it was 305. This means that also the lower reef at Kanaha will get some sets and hopefully sailing will be fun over there. Otherwise I'll have to derig my sail from the van and drive to Kuau... The steady decline should continue over the next couple of days. A smaller NW swell should arrive around Friday at sundown.
Equator buoy: 5.5 feet, 15 sec, 190 degrees. The S swell expected for wednesday afternoon finally picked up some size, but it's a little less than what I hoped. It will all depend on how much energy will be lost in the remaining two days of travelling. Best conditions on Thursday morning, but (let me quote uncle Pat) don't expect anything "beyond the quasi-high level". Love you, Pat.
Trades are blowing. They will cycle up and down a bit, but at this point, I don't expect them to stop till fall...
So long.

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