Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday 4-26-05: 6.50am forecast

Howzit everybody. Back from a week of silence (...what did I do?). The most remarkable thing to point out is that the trade winds will finally take a break and stop blowing for a few days. They have been blowing uninterruptly since Sunday 3-27, the day before the start of the PWA event... A whole month! An approaching front will suck air from the SE/S and we'll have glassy conditions on the north shore again. Aftern the quasi-swell of yesterday, generated by a nice fetch last Thursday that didn't last long, today unfortunately is quite flat. But there's already a new WNW swell picking up. The Waimea buoy shows a promising 1 foot, 18 sec, 315 degrees. 2.5 feet and 16 sec at the NW buoy. Don't expect anything too big, but I believe it'll reach head high levels by tomorrow at dawn (hopefully shoulder high tonight at sunset) and slowly fade into Thursday. Then Friday a new NNW pulse (being generated by another storm right in this moment) will arrive. The closer distance from Hawaii will maybe make for a little bigger size, but shorter period and less clean conditions. Trade winds expected to slowly pick up again during the weekend.
South shore: has anybody been wondering where in the world did the playful south swells that hit Oahu go? We didn't see it in Maui, as it often happens, because of the island of Kahoolawe. I truly believe that damn island blocks south swells big time, unless they are big enough to shrink the shadow cone. I'll explain this another time. Yesterday night the equator buoy showed 4 feet, 16 sec from 165 degrees. I bet this direction will be good for the Maalaea reef, 'cause il will travel almost parallel to the Kihei coast. Best day, Thursday morning. The exciteing thing, though, is that uncle Pat (who has access to long term weather models) foresees a medium-high south swell for Sunday May 8th. Don't forget to call your Mom and to buy some wax...
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