Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saturday 4-2: Forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 12 feet, 9sec; Waimea buoy 9 feet, 9sec, 15 degrees plus one reading of 4 feet, 11sec, 345 degrees. The windswell got pretty big (high surf advisory for the east facing shores) and there's not much else. Koki and Hamoa beach in Hana will be going off, messy and disorganized as usual. Also Pavillion and the upper reef at Kanaha will get some decent wrap around. Waiehu will be big too, but too windy.
waves (long term): No clean swells coming for a while on the north shore. Strong trade wind will keep the windsurfers alive. Surfers, go buy some new surf dvd or pray that that deep storm SE of New Zealand will line up right and send us a south swell a week from now. Stay tuned.
wind: Annoingly strong trades.
sky: We're still in the middle of a cloud band. So expect squalls to quickly travel thru the north shore pushed by the trades.
Kahului tides: Low 5.29am 0.3 feet, High 10.03am 0.8 feet, Low 2.26pm 0.4 feet, High 10.08pm 2.3 feet.


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