Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wednesday 4-6: 8am forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 7 feet, 13sec plus 6 feet, 8sec; Waimea buoy 7 feet, 14sec, 335 degrees plus 6 feet, 7sec, 35 degrees. The new NNW swell arrived overnight and built steadely. I don't think it's gonna get bigger than it is today, so better enjoy it before it starts declining tomorrow. Windswell also bigger than yesterday, that will add some energy (and confusion) to select spots.
waves (long term): North shore, see above. Something will hopefully show up on the south shore around Friday. Stay tuned for updates.
wind: Moderate trades.
sky: Partly cloudy.


Anonymous said...

Eh brah - howzit?

Thanks for the surf reports. We check um all the time. Where are you windsurfing today?

Do you get a wetsuit camel toe?


cammar said...

Whoever left this comment: thank you! It's the first time somebody leaves a comment. Considering you mentioned the camel toe wetsuit, I may have an idea of who you are...