Thursday, April 07, 2005

Thursday 4-7: 8am forecast

waves (short term): NW buoy: 7.5 feet, 8sec plus 5 feet, 11sec; Waimea buoy 6 feet, 8sec, 35 degrees plus 4 feet, 11sec, 340 degrees. The NNW swell arrived yesterday is declining already. It will come from a more N direction, but it won't be as big as yesterday (very fun wavesailing at Kanaha). Plus, the windswell is on a rise and that will make the breakers more confused.
waves (long term): Nah, nothing too good coming up. As uncle Pat says:"below normal spring conditions"... I still think that the south swell expected for the weekend will be not too bad and that it will last the whole next week (this morning south pacific weather map is pretty good!). Stay tuned for updates as soon as the swell hits the equator buoy.
wind: Moderate trades.
sky: Mostly cloudy.

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