Sunday, September 17, 2006

The best life in the world

If you are in a hurry, don't even start reading this post. Come back when you got some time...

Here I am again, with my new little toy that I used this time to take photos/videos of surfing.

Let's have a grand start with Sharon trying to catch a mini-wave at 1000 peaks yesterday, Saturday Sept 16th. This video is called: "windmill paddling".

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There she is again with a radical bottom turn with her hand in the water.

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Here she shows off her recently acquired nose riding skill.

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Got to work on that one a little more, dear... nice style, though!
In this one, she shows off some other skills that she manages with more confidence (I started filming while I was still underwater).

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Ooops, lost the balance there... well, those things must weight quite a bit!
There she is, ladies and gentlemen, let's give her a big applause for the splendid entertainment!

This one shows Ulli catching one on the standup board. Look at the beauty of the mountain...

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This is my portable shower (half of it, actually, 'cause I got another bottle like that). After the session, I'm getting ready to go see a John Keawe concert at the Macc. Excellent performances! Both the shower and the slack key guitar playing.

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Today (Sunday) I started my fabulous day with a surf session at my favorite spot. Unfortunately the waves sucked, but look at what I could film underwater. I had no fins and no mask. That means that snorkeling is going to be another killer application for this amazing camera.

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Then I went to another of my favorite spots on the island where, instead, the waves were extremely fun.
Here are three little videos (taken from the channel after my ride), just to give you a glimpse of the conditions.

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And check this still picture of a big local guy ripping on his longboard!

Later in the afternoon, after a tasty lunch (leftover pasta e patate!) and a short nap, I ended the day with a magic session standing up the 12.6 at Launiupoko. Here's Michelle doing the same thing.

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At sunset the waves got really smooth and I had a couple of really good rides.
This picture is not perfectly horizontal, but I took it standing up on the board, with the paddle in the other hand...

I got out of the water so late that I couldn't find my slippers in the dark. Not too bad... $2.50 at Long's. I would be happy to pay $2.50 a day for the rest of my life to alwyas have days like this...
You know what? No need in Maui... they come for free!
On the way back, I could notice how my stereo is having a moment of great form. I must have finally figured out the levels of the subwoofer...
The shuffle dj did a pretty damn good job too!
I was sipping a cold beer out of the cooler (still working on my DUI over the internet...) and I did a toast to the best life in the world: mine.

Why? Because If I die tomorrow, the total number of regrets I would have would be: none. Nil, zero, nada, niente. Ask yourself the same question and if you come up with an answer different from mine, do something about it... now!

So long.


Anonymous said...

What a post! Thanks for the entertainment (especially the nose shuffle off the board by Shazz, I'm gonna try that one later today. See you on da woda!

Sharon said...

Il tuo blog, mi piace! I gave myself a standing ovation after all those videos-hysterical and evidently inspirational! Ab-fab.

Lim said...

Sharon, you're a Surfie Star in my Hall of Fame!
: )

mater70 said...

Thanks GP for letting the world see what a star my daughter is :-)

Well done Sharon, I didn't know windmilling and nose flopping were a part of your CV

cammar said...

Oh, and those are only the clips I can show...

Sharon said...

My God what a fan club-who knew being the biggest dork would draw the most fans? Oh yeah....... GP did!