Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kauai days two and three

Day two we went back to Pakala, but the waves weren't as good as Sunday because of a light onshore wind. I surfed anyway and I had fun anyway.
At sunset we sat on the beach at Hanalei bay: what a magic place! Here's a standupper coming in after a session out on the reef.

Day three, like last year, we rented a kayak and went surfing just outside Hanalei bay. Here's the front paddler with her hair still dry (hey, we capsized only once! I must have learned something on my one man canoe...).

And here's how the waves looked out there.

The NW buoy already senses 4 feet from 320. That means that tomorrow I'm going to surf. Oh, by the way, I surfed today too. Shore break in one of those beaches facing east at Kapaa... so damn difficult!
Friday and Saturday it's going to be big. I can't wait to see how Hanalei bay will change.
But now, I'm going to login to http://www.aspworldtour.com/quikprofrance/
to watch the surf contest live in France. I just love the technology these days...


meesh said...

hookipa was sick today, winter is coming!! middles was pumping out some good ones!! can't wait to see how it was over on the garden isle get some pics!!

cammar said...

sorry sistah, no pics today (oh, maybe Sharon took some from the cliff), but I had some fun too. Head high and glassy. 5 people on the main peak. I was sitting alone on a sub-peak and I had all the space a beginner shortboarder like me needs. Today, I learned that shortboards are not made to catch waves on the shoulder. No matter how steep it is, you got to be on the damn peak! Got some happy wipeouts today! Let me know sunset session was. I think that the waves at Hookipa are even better than the ones I surfed, but the crowd (and glassyness) factor makes the difference...

meesh said...

sunset was a blast only because the usual friendly suspects were out. Caught up with old friends and caught less friendly waves because of all the chatting. The first real swell of the season saw ho'okipa bursting at the seams, but all was well, no unhappy people out. Today was a little smaller with some good size sets less frequently. Windsurfing would be good, but I am working today to catch up, and to take the day off for the biggie tomorrow.
Ride some glassy peaks for us. see you at the weekend.