Thursday, September 21, 2006

Launiupoko barrel frenzy

Launiupoko is probably the surf spot in Maui where you would least expect to see people trying to get barreled.
In fact, it's a great beginner spot that usually offers small and mushy waves. Unless there's a big south swell and strong offshore wind.
For the people of Maui this little movie (4 minutes) will be almost hard to believe.
Later on the same day, I shot another video in another spot, but I still have to edit that one. Stay tuned.
By the way, clearly I didn't use my little waterproof camera, but my other one with a 12x zoom.
Geez, wasn't I the one complaining about materialism and owning too many objects?

Nacque, visse e si contradisse (F. Di Giacomo)...

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Anonymous said...

Love it G....keep up the good work.


cammar said...

Thanks L. Glad you liked it.