Thursday, September 14, 2006


I can finally upload photos again.
To fix the problem, I had to install Firefox. Maybe I'm in the conspiracy mode, but I believe it's an agreement between Blogspot and Mozilla to push the use of Firefox. Not that I'm particularly attached to microsoft IE, but this way of doing things bugs me. Talking about conspiracy, did you guys checked those sites about 9/11? I always suspected it was organized by the american government, but now that those guys explain with no possible doubt that the building were brought down by explosives, my mind is really blown away. I didn't even know there was a third building that collapsed at the WTC without having been hit by a plane!
Watch this:
As explained in " Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? " at point 9 (the whole document is 48 pages long... defenetly worth it!), without explosive the top of the first tower would have toppled over and fell well on the side of the building. Unbelievable.
They killed thousands of fellow countrymen just to have an excuse to go kill some more in Asia and get richer. Human beings are the worse animals on the planet, that's for sure.
Sorry, as usual I got caught a bit on that, I just wanted to say that I posted the remaining surf photos at the end of the "the best thing on earth" post below.


Anonymous said...

saw the whole conspiracy video. altho I doubt the towers were blown from the inside (see NYTimes sept 2, pg b1), from the vid u c other much weirder things: why is the hole in the ground in Pennsylvania so neat and clean, unlike any other plane crash in history? no plane parts. the pentagon attack: looks like a missile, not a plane. a plane has 2 engines that weigh 5 tons apiece, and would create a hole on each side. vid never shows the plane coming in. a plane attacks the pentagon??? r u serious?

cammar said...

and that brings up a lot of more questions. Why would they bomb the pentagon? If they needed an excuse to invade Irak and Afganistan, the towers would have been plenty... Maybe they had to distroy the related secret documents... just like the third building at the WTC. There was a CIA office there and all the employee were safely evacuated before the building collapsed...
We only know so little of the truth. I hope one day we'll know more.