Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor day in Maui

The day at Thousand Peaks started like this...
The board I'm riding is an old style 9.10 that has just become part of my quiver. When I ride it, I have the soundtrack of Endless summer in my mind. It just starts automatically. It's like a board with a stereo system included...
I want to learn to ride it like Robert Wingnut.

Then a light wind picked up. I didn't have my Superfreak with me, so I borrowed Claudio's sail (got the sail number and a few sponsors... got to be a good sailor...) and I sailed for the first time with the longboard on the south shore.

I met these two bodyboarder kids that asked me for a ride to the break.
"Sure, hop on board".
I asked them their names: Kai and Connor.
"No way!", I thought... Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter are two of the best windsurfer kids in Maui (that means in the world too). That was a sign already.
Then the youngest asked me:"Is windsurfing fun?"
"It is. Would you like to try?"
"OK, tell your dad that I will teach you a free windsurfing lesson".
So far, the dad hasn't called yet, but just the fact that I had them all excited at the idea was a pretty cool thing. I hope they will call.

Claudio closed the day with an old school freestyle move (...I told you he was good!). Got to try that...

Oh well, today another south swell hit the islands and I surfed my favorite spot again. Two double overhead bombs made the drive ultra-worthy it.

From the warm waters of Hawaii, my aloha goes to all the (internet) surfers of the world.

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cynthia said...

Let me know if you come to Oahu, we'll go for a SUP!!!