Thursday, September 14, 2006

the helmet mount

Here we go.
Thanks to David and Suzie ( today I got a helmet to continue to experiment. A PVC pipe was the main building block for the mounting system that I engineered as soon as I got back home. There it is, in this hystorical self-shot. Rather hysterical, actually.

And here's a couple of videos I took with it. Actually, for this first one, I was just holding the helmet in my hands. It's called "(distorted) faces".

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In this one, I use the good old trick of the camera to attract the attention of a young cute windsurfer girl. She jibes and then she stops to ask me how she can get a copy of the video...

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After she hears the answer, she tries to sail away as fast as possible... and the chase starts!

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Hard to keep her in the shot, I guess I need to be closer.
Well, I ended up having dinner with her and a girlfriend of her, so my 80 bucks investment is already paying back...
I'd say.


Makani said...

Cool find Giampaolo! Looks too irresistable to pass up. Just ordered one from Target. com as well. I'll shoot some video of you at Kanaha once the waves hit.

cammar said...

Hi Makani.
For what I figured so far, windsurfing is not the best application for this little camera. It's pretty damn hard to get good shots. Unless you sit in the water and your friends jibe around you...
I shot many wave rides with the helmet mount, but none came out good. Maybe I just have to learn where to look while I ride the wave.
The thing is that the angle is pretty narrow and if don't look thru the viewfinder it's very easy to miss the subject.
It's great for surfing, though. I'll post some videos later today or tomorrow.
Got to go surf now!