Friday, September 22, 2006

The longest left in Maui

Here we go: another short (not really... 7.30 min!) surf video, shot the same day of the Launiupoko barrel frenzy.
In the morning this same spot had some double overhead sets. About 40 people in the water, shitty energy, some fights (at least they told me so). I surfed it at sunset and I caught three memorable waves (and no punches in the face). I really love that wave. You can really work all those different sections.
Anyway, next week I'm in Kauai and I don't think I'll have internet connection (unless there's an unprotected wireless network where I'll stay that I can sneak in...).
Don't fret though, I would be collecting a lot of posting materials...
See ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

are you eloping?

cammar said... doesn't have a definition for eloping, and that makes me guess it's something boring. So the answer is no.